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Farming in Harmony with the Environment.

We are very aware of farming in harmony with the environment and work closely with FWAG (Farming Wildlife Advisory Group).

Natural fertilizer from our herd of holstein friesian cows and crop rotation are used to keep the soil in good condition and pesticides are kept to a minimum.

Hedges are only trimmed every other year which allows wildlife to get established.




The fields adjoining Loe Pool are kept in grass which gives a barrier between the crops and the Pool and provides grass cover for many of the wild birds.

No nitrates are put on the fields around Loe Pool and no pesticides are used to damage the delicate balance between the wildlife and Loe Pool.


Loe Pool


Wheat is grown on the farm to feed the herd of holstein friesien milking cows during the winter. This is mixed on the farm with minerals and soya and fed to the cattle.

Corn stubble is left through the winter to supply a food source for farmland birds, including the cirl bunting, through the autumn period.

Loe Pool from Pentire


The cows have access to the fields 22 hours a day, and we mix a "home mix" of grass silage, maize silage, rolled wheat, soya, rape, molasses and minerals which is fed throughout the year in the yard twice a day.

Taken in the cattle feeding area 2011 with no zoom lense!!